Coffee Bar open daily 6am

Monday* 6am-Noon
Tuesday-Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 9am-9:30pm
Sunday 9am-9pm
Saturday & Sunday Brunch 9am-2pm

* Coffee Bar only on Monday


2219 Honolulu Avenue
Montrose, California 91020

Phone: 818-957-5282
Fax: 818-957-5366

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Lunch Menu

Bowls of Comfort
Border Favorites
Hot 'N' Crispy
Burgers & Fries


Served with housemade zucchini bread

House Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce, raisins, sprouts, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinaigrette and crispy things. 
Add grilled chicken

Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce, marinated tomatoes, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing. 
Add grilled chicken

Soup & Salad Combo
Soup of the day and your choice of house salad or Caesar salad.

Substitute honey chicken salad, wonton chicken salad, California chicken salad French onion, or 3-bean chili

Crispy Honey Chicken Salad
Pan-seared  breaded chicken breast over crisp romaine with toasted almonds, red bell peppers and honey-mustard dressing topped with crispy things. 

BBQ Chicken Salad
Roasted BBQ chicken  over crisp romaine with jicama, corn, black beans, tomatoes and ranch dressing topped with tortilla chips.

BBQ Chicken Salad
Roasted BBQ chicken  over crisp romaine with jicama, corn, black beans, tomatoes and ranch dressing topped with tortilla chips.

Wonton Chicken Salad
Roasted chicken over crisp romaine  with crispy wontons, toasted almonds, mandarin oranges and a sweet sesame dressing topped with crispy things.

California Chicken Salad
Roasted chicken over crisp romaine  with raisins, candied pecans, mandarin oranges, granny smith apples, avocado, blue cheese and a citrus vinaigrette.

Warm Salmon Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach with sauteed salmon, capers, onions and red peppers tossed with an herb vinaigrette.

Skirt Steak Salad With Maytag Bleu Cheese
Grilled marinated skirt steak sliced thin and served over crisp arugula with tomatoes, green beans, maytag blue cheese and an herb vinaigrette.


Bowls Of Comfort

Soup Of The Day
With housemade zucchini bread.  Bowl or Cup

3-Bean Chili
With corn bread, cheddar and onions.  Bowl or Cup

French Onion
Topped with melted Gruyere. Cup



Served with a house or Caesar salad

Penne Vegetarian
Sauteed asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce with parmesan cheese.
Add grilled or blackened chicken

Hunter's Ravioli
Four cheese ravioli in a shiitake mushroom broth with spinach and fresh herbs.

Tomato Basil Cappellini
Sauteed garlic, tomatoes and fresh basil over angel hair pasta.
Add grilled or blackened chicken

Border Favorites

Pancho's Fish Tacos
Tempura-fried or grilled Icelandic cod and nu-Mex slaw on warm flour tortillas with mayo and pico de gallo. served with rice and 3-bean chili.

Cow's Short Rib Tacos
Braised short ribs slow roasted and served on warm corn tortillas with avocado salsa.  served with your choice of house salad, Caesar salad, Hawaiian coleslaw, red potato salad or fresh fruit.

Enchilada Suizas
Seasoned roasted chicken, onions, cilantro and melted jalapeno jack cheese in corn tortillas. Topped with tomatillo sauce.  Served with Mexican rice, 3-bean chili and pico de gallo.

Roasted Chicken Quesadilla & Caesar Salad
Roasted chicken with sauteed onions, tomatoes, ortega chiles and jack cheese in a warm flour tortilla. 


Hot 'N' Crispy

Fish And Chips
Tempura fried Icelandic cod served with jalapeno tartar sauce, fries and Hawaiian coleslaw.

Tempura Shrimp And Chips
Served with cocktail sauce, fries and Hawaiian coleslaw.


Burgers & Fries

Black Cow Cheeseburger
Grilled choice ground beef patty with lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions, relish, mayo, cheddar cheese and ketchup on a sesame seed bun.

Angus Beef Burger with Maytag Blue Cheese
Grilled angus patty with mustard-mayo, bacon, arugula, caramelized onions and Maytag blue cheese on potato bun.

Chipotle Black Bean Burger
Grilled rice, black bean and veggie patty on a sesame seed bun with chipotle mayo, red onion, ortega chile, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Turkey-Portobello Burger with Smoked Mozzarella
Grilled turkey patty and portable mushrooms with mustard-mayo, arugula, onion, tomato and smoked mozzarella on a potato bun.

Grilled Ahi Burger
Fresh grilled ahi steak served on a potato bun with crisp arugula, tomato, red onion and wasabi-mayo.



Beer Battered Onion Rings
Served with honey mustard dipping sauce.

3-Bean Chili Cheese Fries
Topped with onions and cheddar cheese.

Crispy Fries



Served with your choice of French fries, Caesar salad, house salad, Hawaiian coleslaw, red potato salad or fresh fruit.

Grilled Chicken And Brie Wrap
Grilled chicken breast and brie cheese in a tomato basil tortilla with roasted red
bell peppers, tomato and caesar dressing.

B.L.T.A. Wrap
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla with chipotle mayo.

Turkey Wrap
Smoked turkey with roasted peppers, lettuce, tomato, red onion and nu-Mex slaw wrapped in a tomato basil tortilla with chipotle mayo.



Reuben Panini
Corned beef grilled with melted Swiss, cabbage, tomato, and Russian dressing on pressed Jewish rye.

Pesto Chicken Panini
Sourdough pressed on a panini press stuffed with pesto chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula and smoked mozzarella.

Ham and Swiss Panini
Pressed cheddar-onion focaccia roll with ham, swiss cheese, arugula, caramelized onions and honey-dijonnaise.



Count "Montrose" Cristo
Smoked turkey, honey-baked ham, swiss and cheddar cheese on crispy fried Hawaiian style egg bread. Served with cran-strawberry jam and  your choice of fresh fruit, house, Caesar or red  potato salad.

Grilled Salmon with Fresh Fruit Salsa
Fresh natural raised salmon grilled and topped with fresh fruit salsa of the day.  Served with jasmine rice and a mixed field salad.



Served with your choice of Caesar salad, house salad, Hawaiian coleslaw, red potato salad, fresh fruit or French fries.

Chicken Salad Sandwich
Roasted chicken salad with celery, cranberries, green onions, and mayo on house-baked wheat.

Open Face Havarti Chicken Sandwich
Grilled  herb marinated chicken breast on ciabatta bread with avocado, mayo, grilled zucchini and melted havarti cheese. 

B.C. Chicken sandwich
Sauteed chicken and mushrooms on grilled sourdough with sour cream, avocado,
and melted  jack and cheddar cheese. 

Legends BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Chicago's legends BBQ sauce with roasted chicken, mayo and beefsteak tomato on housemade ocarina.

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich
Sauteed portable mushrooms, roasted peppers, grilled tomatoes, melted mozzarella, field greensand chipotle mayo on a cheddar-onion ocarina roll.

Grilled Tri-Tip Sandwich
Grilled tri-tip with lettuce, chipotle mayo, red onions, tomato and melted swiss
cheese on grilled sourdough.

Tuna Melt
Tuna-artichoke salad with melted jalapeno jack cheese and grilled onions on grilled Jewish rye. 

Santa Fe Meatloaf Sandwich
Homemade meatloaf, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and chipotle mayo on grilled sourdough. 

Blackened Chicken & Avocado Sandwich
Cajun seasoned chicken with lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado and chipotle mayo on a French roll. 

Grilled-Cheesy Sandwiches

Chipotle Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Jack  & cheddar cheese with chipotle spread,  mayo, grilled onions, bacon and tomato on grilled sourdough. 
Add grilled chicken: 3.95

Apple and Brie Grilled Cheese
Sauteed apples, spinach, walnuts, and melted brie on house-made country white bread.

Honey Ham Melt
Honey-based ham, pineapple and melted Swiss with honey mustard on a house-baked croissant.